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Team Davi Perez


In loving memory of our dear friend Davi, who left us too soon, Team Davi Perez is a passionate and dedicated fundraising team under the umbrella of the Jack Savage Foundation (JSF). Davi and Jack were not just friends; they were beacons of joy, humor, and positivity during their high school days, lighting up the lives of everyone around them with their smiles, jokes, and pranks. It is in their spirit and memory that Team Davi Perez has been founded, with the shared goal of continuing the fight against cancer that claimed the life of Jack and others far too soon. 


Team Davi is committed to honoring the legacies of Davi and Jack by raising funds and awareness to support the Jack Savage Foundation’s mission of making strides in cancer research, with a specific focus on Pediatric, Adolescent, and Young Adult (AYA) Cancers. Our aim is to contribute to the ongoing battle against cancer and represent the help on the way for those who are fighting this courageous fight.


As part of the larger Jack Savage Foundation, Team Davi actively participates in the Annual Ski-A-Thon. This event is not only an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of skiing and snowboarding but also a platform to come together in fellowship, raise awareness, and generate funds to benefit young patients and their families at The MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital – so tell me, what could make you feel better?

Jack and Davi both spent a little time on the Mountain. While Jack preferred the cool Colorado rain, Davi could be found putting out the fire on the mountain’s of Utah, always with a few of their best friends. Jack and Davi spent a little time on the hill, so we go back every year, one way or another, for them. Davi and Jack are missed every day, but they know our love will not fade away. 

All funds raised are tax-deductible (EIN: 87-3272888).


  • Legacy of Love: Joining Team Davi means becoming part of a community that cherishes the memory of two extraordinary individuals, Davi and Jack Savage.

  • Fight Against Cancer: Contribute to the ongoing battle against Pediatric and AYA Cancers, supporting research, treatment, and programs aimed at making a meaningful impact.



  • Join the Team: Become a member of Team Davi and actively participate in the Ski A Thon. Contact us for more information on how to join.

  • Donate: Support Team Davi by making a donation. Every contribution, no matter the size, helps us in our mission.

  • Spread the Word: Help us increase awareness by sharing information about the Jack Savage Foundation and the Annual Ski A Thon on your social media and within your social circles.

For more information and ways to support, please visit JackSavageFoundation.Org.

With gratitude,

Mac Cady and Peyton Wilson

Donate Amount

  • $23,777.00 Raised
    of $30,000.00
raised of $30,000 goal
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Donate Amount

  • $23,777.00 Raised
    of $30,000.00
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